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If we talk about real sports betting experts, Arun Maladeshi is undoubtedly one. This is a person who practically lives in the world of sports and seems to know everything about it.

Arun has been a cricket fan since childhood. He can name the main players of every IPL team in the last decade (fact checked!). He also follows soccer, American football, rugby, NBA, tennis, rally, golf, kabaddi and snooker. He generally follows all the most significant sporting events in the world and can give an expert assessment of each of them.

At, Arun Maladeshi serves as lead author and reviewer. It is he who finds, downloads, tests and describes mobile betting applications. His duties also include registration, replenishment and withdrawal of funds, rates and communication with customer support. He also writes expert articles and betting tips. All these publications are also available on our website in the blog section.

So if you are looking for betting tips from a real betting expert, you should follow Arun Maladeshi’s articles on our site. And if you are interested in learning more about Arun’s hobbies and life, subscribe to his social networks. He will definitely be happy to meet you!

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